On the rocks (and roll)


There’s something about
Those first few fake out days of spring;
70 degrees
Warming the snow away
The awakening of sun
And sidewalk

and With its feeling
Lifting shadows off a dream
A brand new day
Rosey and (gim)mick free

That I crave
A lovely (marga)Rita
Sweet and sour
sipped, in rolled up pant legs
Toes curled around porch step edges
That despite a forecast for blizzard

I feel better

Today’s prompt was to use the titles of the first 5 songs on iTunes shuffle (Titles are links!). Mine were 1) I Feel Better by Gotye 2) Lovely Rita by the Beatles 3) The Awakening by Les Claypool and the Holy Mackerel 4) Lifting Shadows off a dream by Dream Theater 5) Rosey and Mick by Jewel

What do you think…. does it still count even thought I cheated a couple of the words? Is my title too punny? What are the first 5 songs on your iPod shuffle?


4 thoughts on “On the rocks (and roll)

  1. Yes, very creative and cool! And well done! Songs: Am I the Only One; Testify to Love; Cherie Amour; Friends in Low Places; Close to You.

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