NaProWriMo Catch up 2


Here’s a quick way to catch up on all the poems from week 2 of Napowrimo!

You can catch up with week 1 by clicking here to read week 1’s summary, or here for the link to follow along on Storify.

Here are Erin’s week two poems:

6. She found spring when she looked/listened/smelled out her window

7. The poem that I am nominating “Most likely to have us beg Tori to illustrate” about Tutus and Boots

8. Life as a photographer without a camera (beautiful!)

9. Erin’s take on the iTunes shuffle poem, it made me laugh out loud!

10. A poem/song/spiritual?  AKA the one I’m naming “Someone make this an actual gospel song stat!”

11. Glow in the dark wall stars create infinity

Here’s my recap

6. A comparison of our 3 windows

7.  a love letter to my not-worn wedding ring

8. the perks and downfall of owning a nook

9a. early spring margarita cravings and 9b. advice to my single friend

10.  personal (and password protected poem) about introversion

11. a birthday poem for my husband



Have a favorite?  Which poem would you nominate to be illustrated, put to song, narrated on youtube?

Did you try the iTunes shuffle poem? I’m so curious!


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