Week 3 catch up


Week 3’s recap

Here are Erin’s poems

12. Mad-lib style poem about hope

13. She made ancient Norse kennings seem cool

14. She tried out a recipe poem and put her own cool spin on it

15. Her false apology poem has more sass

16. She had the patience to pull off a blackout poem

17. Cute poem preparing for boyfriend visit with cookies (very nostalgic for me because they are very memorable cookies from my childhood).

18. Punch in the gut feeling about after a boyfriend visit ends

Recap of mine
12. Love, love love spring thunderstorms

13. Video game Sundays

14. My love for the tv show Bob’s burgers

15. This one took all day, because iambic pentameter.

16. False apology poems are a really accessible poetry form,

17. 5 minute poem I left as a restaurant comment

18. Good Friday prayer

19. City watching as vacation?

Your thoughts?


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