Our Reoccuring Arguments

We were at the corner table
at tall stools
for our last minute birthday
you both had split a two-for-one beer on tap
and I happily was sipping
on lemonade (or was it cranberry juice?)

with nachos
I called our 50,000 plus
a small town with city problems
(namely a small smattering of heroin dealers)
S protested “it’s not small town, it’s a city!”
“it’s a small town.”
“it has a McDonald’s!”

we realized
my Hogwarts-styled high school
(it had green towers, and regally watches over East Wash)
student body
was bigger than your whole flippin’
(“The Yo-Yo capitol of the world!” you said gleefully!)

just last week, it came up while driving,

“my sister lived in Menomonie, it’s a small town, she could walk places.”
“Menomonie is not a small town!”
“but it doesn’t have a bus system!”


In February we took
eleventy-seven billion
Buzzfeed quizzes
on Facebook wall’s and messages
K increasingly irked
by our matching

Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt was to write a “New York School” style of poetry. I’m not going to lie, I still have no idea what that actually means, despite spending the day reading several examples online. But, the prompt gave a list of “ingredients” which you can read by clicking here. See if you can spot which ones I included?

We’re in the last weekish of poems, any poetry prompts you’d like to see to wrap up the month?


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