Introvert Friendship a guide, in verse

Come to my house, friend
and I will make you dinner
I will avoid the ingredients you hate
I will put peanut butter in our pasta sauce
pesto in our sandwiches
I will conquer multi-cultural cuisine
whilst snacking on potato chips (BBQ)

Come to my house, friend
and I will share with you
my tv shows, and songs
I won’t cry when you don’t laugh
at my favorite show
or swoon for Captain Wentworth
I will search the internet
for “F*ck you, and the horse you rode in on” songs
because you asked me to

I will answer when you
call ranting about work (and family!)
and when you need a ride
(because you don’t have a car, or a license)
I will drive you
home for Thanksgiving or Christmas
and possibly even Grandparent’s day
(even though I don’t think it’s a real holiday)
I will give you a hug
if you need one,
despite my large personal bubble
and aversion to touching

Invite me over
and I will help you move
or paint
or shop for furniture
or joke with your 4-year old
or write poems with you for a month
or go camping (even if we don’t keep in touch)
my language for friendship
is Projects
and adventure

(this poem came to me while I was making lunch in my kitchen, I think I’m channeling my inner Sarah Kay. In particular the poems “An Origin Story” and “When Love Arrives”. I just read her book “No Matter the Wreckage” which I found to be superb.)


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