For Lesley (I miss your Face)

I used to curl up on your couch

Weekly on Thursdays

During grad school 

In that 1 room apartment 

Behind that ( Kwik Trip?) gas station

Your Malamute, Loki,

Always Greeted me at the door

And followed me to your couch

Serenading and snuggling

His tail thumping 

Away my fear of big dogs


We’d order Roman Candle Pizza

The Pestoral was our favorite (pesto, cheese, artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, olives, tomatoes and feta.)

I claimed it was the best pizza in the whole wide world

But you thought it never quite measured up to Chicago ‘ s finest

We’d watch The Office and sometimes Parks and Recreation 

And compare stories on Dementia and Autism


Somehow after we moved away

I lost track of watching Parks & rec


Without our weekly ritual


But tonight

I Curled up on the couch

With my husband playing X box

And caught up on three

Knope – filled episodes

On hulu

And thought of you


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