NaPoWriMo 2014 catch up #4

Erin’s last batch of poems

A cautionary tale for Sunscreen///  How poetry makes us good public speakers ///  ❤ new shoes ///  Driving directions to Erin’s College town///  the fear in your throat feeling right before graduating college/saying good-bye to haunts ///  Avocados for friendship! /// Erin’s last Summer break, d’awwwwww///

we created a ‘new form’ for Driving Directions/// my friends and I are playing city or town?/// proof I used sparkle nail polish /// my fangirl letter to Anne Shirley-Blythe/// sometimes you’re stuck and sometimes you get unstuck randomly/// books=raises? /// what’s it’s like to be friends with me/introverts /// ❤ Eleanor & Park /// Parks & Rec induced Nostalgia ///  Fun fact, the title is supposed to say XBOX one, not XBOX live/// Farewell, d’awwwwww///


Have a favorite? Or a question? Let us know.  Stay tuned for what we learned and our favorite poems….


One thought on “NaPoWriMo 2014 catch up #4

  1. Wow, she’s a writer! Does poetry writing come easily to you (both)? Or which aspects are easy and which more difficult?

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