Thoughts on turning 27


birthday cupcake

Josh and I have been watching Ewan McGregor’s documentary about riding a motorcycle with friends around the world called Long Way ‘Round (available currently on Netflix.) From the start we were drawn to the rambling thoughts of adult boys playing around with their favorite toys. This meant a lot of pranks, general tomfoolery and a lot of jokes about Male anatomy.

During the episodes we watched last night, Ewan and his friend Charley get so discouraged by slowing down to 25 miles per hour for a whole day while traveling across Mongolia. They considered themselves a failure for it not going according to plan.  At one point they considering abandoning the rough roads in Mongolia for faster/safer/paved roads in Russia.  As a viewer it was jarring to watch both Ewan and Charley insist that they were failing in their mission, because as an outside observer they were accomplishing something most people don’t even attempt.  ‘Don’t they know they are doing amazing things by just attempting it!’

I’m starting to wonder if that’s what life is like. At times this year, I threw myself a fabulous pity party in my head for various and sundry aspects of adulthood:  “I’m failing at my job because of this thingambob.”, “Our schedule is impossible!”, “If those people could just say what they were thinking to each other, then there would be less conflict!”, “Why is that horrible thing happening to so and so?”  Seriously though life is tough, but how amazing is it that we are in this place we never have been before?! How powerful is it that we can make a difference just by showing up every day?!

Someone told me this week that 27/28 were their favorite ages. Also, one of my favorite bloggers talks about how by our 30s we feel more comfortable in our own skins and have a new-found bravery (example 1, example 2 ).  Here’s to hoping that I can embrace the next few year’s growth with grace.


One thought on “Thoughts on turning 27

  1. Life is funny in that, except for a few Biblical principles that everyone should live by (or at least the world would be a lot better off if everyone did), it’s best figured out after it’s been lived. You can be going along, having a great year, and boom, tragedy or evil strikes. But is that a good or bad thing? It could be your best or worst year, depending on how you respond. And you don’t always realize it, or understand it fully, until a few years down the road. One of my best years did happen to be my 27th though, in great part because that’s the year I had the child who is now 27 himself…. :o)

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