State of the House, August 2014

We had some friends visit this week thus we cleaned our house more than normal. Clean house clearly meant it was time to share more pictures with the internet.

The above mentioned friends also said that it was interesting to see our house in person, because it was difficult to judge the layout from pictures alone. With that feedback in mind, I’ve made you a not-to-scale drawing of the layout of our first floor. I hope it helps!

hand drawn first floor layout


Laundry Room

Of note, we added shelves under the window as a closet because we took down the upstairs closest.

laundry room

We added a shoe rack. Also the door leads downstairs to the basement.

laundry room 2

“Eating AREA” and Kitchen

Our second floor is in transition, so we’ve emptied everything into the “eating area”. Josh repainted the green soffit to orange.

eating area in transition

Wall/Ceiling/Soffit colors were painted orange and likely need a second coat of paint.

kitchen wall

Here’s a view of all the cabinets.


Living Room

This photo is from the front door, which is a slightly different angle than I typically take photos of this room, but the windows were causing the room to be overly back-lit. Since last time we’ve shared pictures we’ve added a new IKEA tv cabinet and more shelving.
Living room

From the living room, here’s the doorway upstairs and on the right is entrance to the bathroom.



gold bedroom


Our bathroom is difficult to capture in photo. In real life the walls are a deeper purple.
bathroomThat’s it for the first floor, I’ll save photos and update of our second floor for a different post on a different day because we’re still early on in redoing the upstairs.


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