NaPoWriMo 2015, Coming Soon

winter journey

winter, man

April is National Poetry Month. This year I will be writing a poem a day as part of National Poetry Writing Month (#NaPoWriMo) with my sister as we have in 2013 and 2014. (Click on the year for a storify version of our poems.)

I encourage you all to consider joining us in our Poetry adventure. (I’m giving you 9 days notice!) My personal belief is that creativity is very good for the soul, that poetry is one of the most accessible forms of writing, and that anyone who just trudged through winter needs a little art in their life to recover.

If you’re not feeling writing a poem every day here are some other ways to participate in celebrating Poetry:

  • Write 1 poem per week, or if poetry is very new to you write 1 poem.
    • Bonus points if you share it with others in some way! Mail it to a friend! Email it! Tweet it! Post it here in the comments!

Let me know what you’re doing for National Poetry Month! I’ll be back here in less than 10 days with the start of this year’s batch of poems.


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