Poem 7 for 2015


My sister
Calls it the “INFJ-door slam”
That moment when loyalty
Patience and forgiveness and “let’s hear all the sides”
run out
A knee-jerk reflex
to cut that person out of your life. Right now.
It’s hard to listen
Or care
Or forgive
Ever again

You triggered it lately
When it felt so one-sided to
Be your friend
Where our only contact is initiated
Me on facebook
And any updates
From you
Require surgically precise
To elicit yes or no replies

If you don’t care
I don’t care either
If you wont’t check in
I won’t check in either
I’m out
I’m so very done

I’m sorry
I’m fighting my instincts so
Hard on this.
I’ll try again
To forgive you
Next month.

I had some things that needed to get out. I did not follow the prompt.


2 thoughts on “Poem 7 for 2015

  1. You made me cry
    Sometimes you lie
    And act so sly
    I don’t know why
    I try and try
    And try and try
    And try and try
    Now it’s goodbye.


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