Poem 8 for 2015

I am a pincushion
every sewing needle
a finely tuned
Radio tower
red flag
From the signal-word
From your mouth

Dot dot dot
Dash dash dash
Dot dot dot
(poem ^ originally posted 12/18/13 here.)

After months
and months
I’ve learned
I’ve trained myself

I’ve unplugged
my radar
changed my radio
station presets
thrown out
my telegraph receivers

I am not your keeper
I do not decide
what’s safe

Today’s prompt was to write a palinode, where the poet retracts a sentiment expressed in a previous poem. Erin’s poems are here.


One thought on “Poem 8 for 2015

  1. Oooo! This is so good! And I love the contrast between the two! I like how you kept the same kind of structure between the two poems 🙂 Also yay learning new things!

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