Poem 12 for 2015

Living room

I followed the prompt

I’m sitting
white leather couch
living room
front door-faux antique window, hardware– jarring
left lightwood desk silver computer tower and monitor.
long dark navy wall has two windows.
edges are exposed wood shelves, three both sides.
overflowing with books
shelf-worth amount of books floor lining wall.
between  two windows is TV,free floating tv cabinet with white rippled texture doors.
is hip-height monkey butler statue holding  flat square tv antenna tray.
right: doorway to the kitchen.
2X4 Christmas tree sitting in corner,lights off.
walls are bare, except
modern line painting red lines  black background, ornate antique white frame.

Today’s prompt was to write a description of a person, place or thing in prose. Then remove articles and determiners. Finally, remove words and rearrange what’s left until it looks like a poem. I’ve included what I wrote in prose below for those interested in the process. As always, here’s the link to Erin’s poems.

I’m sitting on our white leather couch in the middle of our living room. Our living room is a rectangle, slightly longer than it is wide. On my left, is the front door, it’s faux antique window, and hardware are jarring in comparison with the rest of the room. Along the left wall is also a lightwood desk with our silver computer tower and monitor. (The keyboard is missing, because you took it to work to help run the point of sales systems.) The  long dark navy wall in front of me has two windows. On the outside edges of the windows are exposed wood shelves, three tall on both sides. The left shelves are overflowing with books, therefore there is a shelf-worth amount of books on the floor lining the wall. In between our two windows. Is our  TV, mounted to the wall. Immediately below the tv is a free floating tv cabinet. It’s white with rippled texture on the doors.  Immediately to the right of the cabinet, is a hip-height monkey butler statue holding our flat square tv atenna on his tray.  On the wall to my right is the doorway to the kitchen. Our 2X4 christmas tree is still sitting in the corner, with no lights on. The walls are mostly bear, except for a modern line painting red lines on black background, in an ornate antique white frame. The wall behind me is also mostly bare. It is interrupted by two doorways, one to the stairs to the second level and one to a first floor bedroom.


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