Poem 17 for 2015

Twitter, an excerpt

So I got a mosquito bite on my forehead that kind of swelled up. Mostly I feel like Harry Potter after Hermoine hexed him in book 7
My mosquito bite’s unfortunate placement makes me think I have a bad-ass neck tattoo.

I found my copy of Pride and Prejudice on my nook, and accidentally started reading it again. You sarcastic lady Ms. Austen!
Season 1 Marshall Erikson had an amazing vocabulary “anhedonic”
I started liking music more once I paid attention to the songwriters. My favorite songs were consistently the same people.
Eowyn is one cool lady-warrior.
The thing from Harry Potter that I wonder the most about is what Ron&Hermoine’s friendship/relationship was like when Harry wasn’t around.when did they start ‘liking’ each other? and were they trying to ‘parent’ harry, or just be supportive friends? what did they talk about?

Taylor Swift’s 22 video is like pinterest and instagram had a hipster baby

I just want a video game for 2 people with exploration, riddles, treasure and bows and arrows, is that too much to ask for?
We’re happiest with a project.
Husband home. Night breeze. Comedy. All is well.

Day 17’s prompt was to write a social media poem. I chose to use my twitter as a source for “found poetry.” You can read Erin’s poem here.


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