Poem 20 for 2015


This is what I know to be true:

I know Tuesdays without New Girl
disappoint upon arrival
I know that if we’ve lived through
your month-long work week’s
sleep deprivation
and opposite schedules
without screaming at each other
we can probably live through anything
I know that I’ve had Kelly Clarkson’s
newest cd on repeat in my car
for a month and I’m still not sick of it
I know Turtle is by far my
favorite flavor of the day
(even when it is perpetually messed up
at our local Culver’s)
I know that I watched
way too many Netflix romantic comedies
this week
to combat our boomeranging winter

I do not know
our optimal life situation
or our
future dreams

Day 20’s prompt was to write a poem with “I know” statements. You can read Erin’s poems here.


3 thoughts on “Poem 20 for 2015

    1. The put all the topping on top of the custard instead of mixing it in. And sometimes they use the wrong kind of chocolate.

  1. Do the survey on the receipt next time they mess it up, and instruct them (in the online survey) as to the proper way to construct a Turtle. (You’ll get a free scoop of your choice for doing the survey too…)

    Jesus luvs me, this I know
    I know Who holds the future
    I know whom I have believed
    I know Him

    I know Kayla’s works, love, service, faith, and patience
    I know Kayla’s works, labor, patience, and that she cannot bear those who are evil
    I know Kayla’s works, that she is neither cold nor hot
    I know Kayla’s works….she has a little strength, has kept God’s word, and has not denied God’s name
    I know that Kayla is a woman of beautiful countenance


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