Poem 25 for 2015


And this is where I grew up

And this is where I grew up
It’s hard to explain
The coffee house graffiti is a mural
That rotates monthly, and someone defaced a telephone pole
With mirrored mosaics

At mom and dad’s
The bike path sprouted
A new egress
Right in the middle of the
Hill that Cindy & Peggy ‘s daycare
used for sledding

And yesterday
The neighbors blockaded
Two blocks
From cul de sac
To Jennifer
(After getting official signatures
And a reminder note “please take advantage of the car-free road with us, and join us for cake as well!”)
For a birthday party of
Bikes, trikes and scooters
Zooming down the ramp
& down the street

And, later, Mom handed me a box
With all my report cards 5th grade though graduation
My peace-loving and collaborative groups teacher’s philosophy upbringing
In the comments most frequently
“Accepts academic challenges, is quietly assertive, asks thoughtful questions & stimulates discussion, relates well to others and works well in groups”

And down the street
The Urban forestry
Is tapping
The single maple
On the block
For sap
For syrup

Erin’s poems: http://hyperponderating.tumblr.com


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