2 for 2016

(2/30) prompt: family portrait 2/16/16 On the day you were born We woke up already at the hospital Dad stood watch overnight On the pullout couch, shivering From the air blowing on him from above; My contractions, kicked started by ripening medication, so tiny I slept through them. On the day you were born They started pitocin before the sun came up Before the cafeteria allowed room service So the only food I had Was graham crackers and peanut butter (for the right carbs/protein ratio) On the day you were born They strapped two plastic discs with pink and blue velcro across my belly, to monitor your heart rate And my contractions, with peaks and valleys I watched flashing back to Calc AB and thinking about the inflection point of pain & pressure On the day you were born Movement and counter pressure helped, until the involuntary shakes took over, So we returned to bed Channeling belly breathing and Kimmy Schmidt: 5…4…3….2…1 Until They checked: 3cm Until I told the nurse "this is unpleasant" So she filled the tub (so you know I was desperate, I hate baths) Until The nurse thought I was compulsively pushing, (while shouting nonsense, not f-bombs) To 9cm In less than an hour, no time for meds! On the day you were born The doctor made a joke about eyebrows, and I joked I was Tarzan, And the nurse ninja jumped on the bed to push you out When your shoulder got stuck And then My strong willed girl You were here #napowrimo #latergram #birthday

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(You should be able to see the instagram poem on the page, but if not click the photo to take you to the instagram post.)


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